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Ask Matios

Matios Chopjian in his workroom

Only a very small portion of jewelry manufacturers in the United States are proficient in PLATINUM casting. Working with platinum and repairing ANTIQUE PLATINUM 
jewelry are Matios' specialties.

Flash Manufacturing always guarantee their work and offer a 100% money back guarantee. If Matios is not happy with his work, he knows his customer will not be happy. 

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Matios and his brothers are highly skilled craftsmen in the jewelry trade and are pleased to give professional advice and quotations (if possible) on any aspect of platinum, gold or antique jewelry. Be assured you will receive highly professional advice.  Please send only relevant questions as Matios has been inundated with questions on all types of jewelry, and replying to these takes up a large part of his time, thereby taking his time away from his work.

Please complete the form below and send to Flash Manufacturing.  If your browser does not support forms, or you prefer not to use them, the form can be printed and faxed or mailed to:

Flash Manufacturing
23077 Greenfield Road, #LL72
Southfield, Michigan 48075

Phone:(248) 552-9549 Ext. 2

To send a digital photograph to Matios use email: flashmfg@gmail.com