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The CHOPJIAN brothers, TOROS, MATIOS, ONNIG and JACQUES, together with their sister TAMAR, came from humble beginnings.  They founded the company and are now pioneers in fine jewelry making, diamond setting, costume jewelry designing and art work.

The brothers shared a strong bent, and in 1982 they opened their first workshop in SOUTHFIELD, MICHIGAN, to manufacture in fine jewelry products.


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TOROS specializes in selling and bench work, diamond setting and production.

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MATIOS specializes in PLATINUM casting, GOLD casting and PLATINUM repairs.  Matios also specializes in ANTIQUE platinum repairs and fine jewelry repairs, production, finishing and custom work.

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ONNIG specializes in hand work and WAX carving and fabrication in GOLD and PLATINUM.

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JACQUES specializes in DIAMOND setting and HAND ENGRAVING on GOLD and PLATINUM.  Flash will make GOLD and PLATINUM name plates in any language.

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TAMAR specializes in PEARL stringing and takes care of marketing and sales.


Together, these brothers built their business through word of mouth and they now have four different jewelry companies.  They have manufactured and stored over 12,000 moulds and their companies will keep growing well into the next century.

The brothers believe in quality and craftsmanship before all else.  They believe the customer is always right and are always ready to listen to them and their opinions.


Matthew Chopjian


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Only a very small portion of jewelry manufacturers in the United States are proficient in PLATINUM casting.   Working with platinum and repairing ANTIQUE PLATINUM  jewelry are Matios' specialties.

Flash manufacturing always guarantee their work and offer a 100% money back guarantee.  If Matios is not happy with his work, he knows his customer will not be happy.