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Wax Carving

Flash Manufacturing specializes in wax carving for jewelry. We can do any design in wax, no matter how difficult or intricate. We will make jewelry from your designs and to meet your special needs. Each one of Flash Manufacturing’s custom made, hand crafted rings is specially fashioned to fit your unique gemstone and your individual taste.

Wax carving is a method of making jewelry that is used by all the best jewelers in the world. Wax carving is where the ultimate beauty of a fine piece of jewelry originates. This is where the idea takes shape, where full three dimension is seen.



The original design starts as a sketch on paper. We work with an individual customer or a jeweler on the design, and the customer’s approval is required before we continue.

To see the finished product for this particular sketch, click here.


A wax carving is the prototype model which eventually is encased in ceramic, burned out, replaced with hot, liquid metal, cooled and eventually finished into jewelry.

The process of transforming the two-dimensional design into three-dimensional platinum starts with carving the design in wax. The detail and expression created in a wax carving is amazing.

This wax carving is for a ring which will contain fourteen diamonds of carat each.


Wax Carving

Wax Carving

Metal Mold

The wax model is transformed into metal by the lost wax casting technique. The wax is invested in a plaster mold that is fired in a furnace, vaporizing the wax. This takes 12 hours.  Molten metal is poured into the mold's cavity using centrifugal force. The metal, when cool, perfectly reproduces the hand carved wax. Molds are then made from this metal model to make single or multiple editions of the piece.

This metal model will be cast in silver if the customer wishes to use it again to make other matching jewelry i.e. earrings.


If the customer wishes a rubber mold to be made from the metal casting, it can be used to make exact replicas of the design in future years.  The rubber mold will be retained by the customer and will last for up to 30 years.

Rubber Mold


Our platinum castings faithfully reproduce the custom design or original model but require a lot of handwork to become pretty. The mirror finish we associate with platinum jewelry is the result of much labor. The real talent comes from the person who sets the gems, grinds files and polishes each piece to produce the finished piece of jewelry.

The time scale involved in making a custom designed piece of jewelry from start to finish is long.  An example is a pair of earrings, which will take a minimum of two working days.  The customer then owns a unique, beautiful piece of jewelry, which comes with the Flash guarantee:

Flash manufacturing always guarantee their work and offer a 100% money back guarantee.  If we are not happy with our work, we know our customers will not be happy.

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