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Only a handful of the world’s jewelers truly understand the dynamics of crafting platinum into fine jewelry. Working with platinum is very different from working with gold. The Chopjian brothers have well attained the level of expertise that is so vital in creating intricate platinum designs.

Flash Manufacturing specializes in wax carving for jewelry. We can do any design in wax, no matter how difficult or intricate. We will make jewelry from your designs and to meet your special needs. Each one of Flash Manufacturing’s custom made, hand crafted rings is specially fashioned to fit your unique gemstone and your individual taste.

Wax carving is a method of making jewelry that is used by all the best jewelers in the world. Wax carving is where the ultimate beauty of a fine piece of jewelry originates. This is where the idea takes shape, where full three dimension is seen.

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Peridot Ring


This unique ring was designed by Onnig, set by Jacques and finished by Matios.

It contains a unique marquise Peridot with a Spessarite (Mexican Garnet), all set in platinum.  Please click on the picture to see the ring from other angles.

Ruby Ring
The diamonds and ruby in this ring were sent to us by a customer.  Trillion cut ruby and diamonds. Onnig designed and hand fabricated the ring in platinum.  The stone setting and finishing was by Matios.


Platinum Ring

This platinum band is set with baguette diamonds.

Tanzanite Tanzanite
This ring was contract work from a jeweler.   The purple stone is a German Cut Tanzanite.  The diamonds are square cut and set in platinum.


A diamond by Yard necklace.
The 14 princess cut diamond stones weigh carat each and there are 14 stones, set in platinum.  Matios custom designed the necklace and performed all the work on it.   Please click on this small picture to view the necklace in its glory.
Diamond by Yard

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